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If you have an existing fence and need repair or if you need a fence to increase your security and privacy, call The Alamo Fencing & Welding. We are specialist in various types of fences...chain link, cedar, tabular, wooden, iron and wrought iron fence. We offer professional installation. Customer satisfaction is our goal!

Enclosing your residential or commercial property with a gate and fencing not only improves the curb appeal but also provides security. The Alamo Fencing & Welding can handle installation, repair, and customization on a variety of gate styles and materials. From decorative to purely functional, if you have a gate that needs servicing or are looking to install one, we have years of experience with gates of all kinds. Let’s discuss your security needs and the look you are seeking, give us a call today and unlock the possibilities!
Black Fence - Fences in San Antonio, TX
Keep your security tight with our various gate and fencing options. We can repair, install, and maintain residential and commercial fencing and gates.
Our team is ready to assist you with fencing, gates, or security needs. Give us a call today to set up a consultation to discuss your options!